What is SeeCHANGE?

Who are we?

SeeCHANGE Scarborough is an innovative cross sector partnership funded by the National Lottery Community Fund for three years to help realise a healthier Scarborough, where there are less health inequalities between the town and the rest of the country than at present.

The partnership has envisaged three main workstreams for itself over its funding life, namely:

  • Giving a voice to the local Voluntary and Community Sector with the health service through a VCSE alliance for Scarborough.
  • Working with businesses and other employers to work across sectors to improve workforce wellbeing.
  • Pilot new ways of working from small community groups and groups of people in the town to achieve change.

Following on from community feedback gathered in a survey carried out by Healthwatch North Yorkshire, the Project is keen to look at initiatives including:

  1. Cheaper Exercise Options
  2. Increase awareness of services/information on how to be healthy
  3. More easily accessible services
  4. Inclusive exercise groups

We, at SeeCHANGE can provide support for new & existing small groups or charities to grow their ideas along with supporting small funding applications.

We would like to know your thoughts

Get involved and let us know your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the health and well-being of people living in Scarborough. We’d love to put your ideas into action and learn more about how you want to improve Scarborough for the better.


Do you share the same vision as us? Would you like to help reduce health inequalities in Scarborough and Filey? We would like you to Volunteer with us. If you would like to volunteer in another field or Charity, still contact us and we can put you in touch with the right people.