Wellbeing in the Workforce

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Wellbeing in the Workforce – The Business Partnership

From the initial scoping exercise and then subsequent discussions with organisations that have expressed interest, we have two threads within this work stream we are looking to explore:

  • A simple CSR policy that explores how the business community will support the health and wellbeing of the wider community and develop better links with the VCS to support with gifts/expertise in kind and a “VCS first” approach where businesses are looking to purchase health/wellbeing related training.
  • A workforce wellbeing manifesto – how both businesses, health and the VCS will work together to improve wellbeing across our workforce
  • Business led initiatives to address health inequalities, supported by the leadership team such as a cafe/restaurant commitment to increasing healthy eating options and offers.

Amy’s Journey

My work on the SeeCHANGE project started in early April, where there was a scope into some research regarding health inequalities and what is mostly sought after when it comes to health and well-being improvement. A number of streams have been identified that we wish to explore, including how businesses can be used to support health and well-being of Scarborough and the wider community (e.g with health and wellbeing training).

We will also be looking into how workforce wellbeing can be improved by working with both businesses and VCS (creating a workforce manifesto). Lastly, how businesses les initiatives in Scarborough can help promote health and wellbeing with the support of leadership with ideas such as commitment to adding in healthier menu options in faces/restaurants etc.
It was also noted that an ideal way to get a better understanding of what the Scarborough area and wider community may benefit from was gaining information through local workforces in what they witness on a daily basis.

A short questionnaire is currently being created to be sent to local businesses to help identify what the most common factors are in helping the community access the services/information and aids that will help anyone that may benefit. This way we can make sure that what we are working on and trying to improve will have the greatest impact.

The aim of the project is inclusion. Trying to cancel out the inequalities that make accessing better health and wellbeing a challenge. Therefore, the inclusion of partnerships, relationships with other businesses and workforces are so important to this project. We plan on building that connection between the SeeCHANGE workforce and other business whether that be training, volunteering, fundraising etc.

Our aim for the future of the project isn’t just singular, as there are a number of options we wish to see through as there is potential for these to have a large impact in accessing the community, workers and businesses.

For myself, especially with cost of living and mental health services being prominent issues in the community, it’s important we aim to get manifestos, goals and action moving as efficiently as we can.

I have been working hard on getting some focused research via questionnaire underway, meeting with a number of the ambassadors for SeeCHANGE and connecting with individuals in Scarborough that will be valuable business connections who wish to work with us through this process.

It has been incredible to see how much passion there is amongst the team working together on this project, which only heightens my hopes for the potential outcomes.

We would like to know your thoughts

Get involved and let us know your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the health and well-being of people living in Scarborough. We’d love to put your ideas into action and learn more about how you want to improve Scarborough for the better.


Do you share the same vision as us? Would you like to help reduce health inequalities in Scarborough and Filey? We would like you to Volunteer with us. If you would like to volunteer in another field or Charity, still contact us and we can put you in touch with the right people.