Finding Our Voice 3

27th June 2023

You are warmly invited to our Finding Our Voice 3 – What do we need to have a ‘good’ life conference, world café style at The Street on Tuesday 27th June at 10am – 3pm.

Finding Our Voice 3 is aimed at exploring what we need to have a good life, what gets in the way and how can we overcome that.

This event will take the form of two parts – people do not need to attend both. The first half, before lunch, will be a world cafe style event where we can collaboratively identify the things needed to create good lives, explore what gets on the way of that, and the practical steps we can take to overcome those barriers.

After lunch there will be a further opportunity to explore what it means to have a good life from the perspective of people with hidden disabilities and / or who are neurodivergent.

Photo’s from the event: